Our corporate social networking systems allows you to optimize your business processes, save time and
expense on administrative tasks and establish cohesive, truly effective teamwork

Corporate Intranets, Effective team Collaboration

Bruma Soft corporate collaboration solutions bring together employees, processes and information to provide personnel with secure access to all the enterprise data assets, promoting continuous knowledge sharing and widespread collaboration across the company. Featuring a range of powerful collaboration tools and easily navigated interfaces, our corporate social networking systems allows you to optimize your business processes, save time and expense on administrative tasks and establish cohesive, truly effective teamwork within your organization.

  • Personified content publishing
  • File and document management
  • Task and project management
  • In-built CRM and CMS modules
  • Employee personal profiles
  • Work reporting tools
  • Discussion boards and forums
  • Bulletin boards
  • Polls/Surveys

Social Commerce

Social commerce encompasses networks, social feedback and customer contributions to keep clients more engaged and bring them the opportunity of interacting, collaborating and sharing recommendations online. From customer reviews and referrals to group buying, Bruma Soft has delivered a pool of powerful social commerce tools that amplify the entire online customer experience, driving product awareness, customer acquisition and loyalty and ultimately, increased sales.

  • Product reviews & ratings
  • Peer recommendations
  • Group services booking
  • Affiliate programs
  • Loyalty trends monitoring
  • Ad campaigns
  • Personalized and targeted promotional offers
  • Group discount options
  • Wish lists
  • Customer rewards
  • Integration with social services like Groupon, Living Social and Offerpop

Social CRM, Social Marketing

Incorporating social CRM into companies’ business processes results in a more effective engagement with customers and prospects across key functions, like customer service, product development, research, public relations, sales and marketing. Bruma Soft social CRM solutions are designed to leverage the huge amounts of information available on social media channels in a meaningful way enabling you to understand your existing customers better, attract more clients and leads and discover new opportunities for enhanced customer service.

  • Social media monitoring and management tools
  • Contact and lead management
  • Integrated marketing and sales force automation
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Custom reporting and analytics

Content Exchange and Delivery

Content exchange and Delivery Being content-driven, social networking offers a variety of means – like on-screen and e-mail notifications, news in various news feeds and even short messages delivered to your phone – to supply multiple content types to the end-users. Bruma Soft content exchange and delivery solutions for social networking leverage those useful tools to keep your target audience informed and updated on your company, products or services in the most efficient way, enabling the maintenance, storage and movement of large volumes of multiple content types with the maximum flexibility, scalability and performance.

  • Centralized content management and monitoring
  • Efficient content aggregation
  • Secure access control and user management
  • Approval workflow
  • Automated updates/notifications
  • Statistics and views tracking

Community Portals

By launching an online community, a company gains the collaborative and community-building advantages of popular social networks, as well as ensuring the privacy and integrity of its customer connections and existing content. Bruma Soft leverages the best of social networking, content publishing and collaboration methods, to deliver intuitive and engaging online community portals that will help you to interact with your existing audience better and extend your content reach, consequently enhancing customers’ loyalty and trust.

  • Advanced tools for easy content management
  • Fast and secure online content distribution and sharing
  • Blogs, discussion boards and forums
  • Real-time communication through chats and messaging
  • Events and calendars
  • Customizable e-mail alerts and notifications