Bruma Soft business intelligence solutions provide a quick and easy
way of integrating, organizing and visualizing your company’s data intuitively

Data Integration

Being the core of information management, data integration and ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) engines cover the whole process of capturing, managing and leveraging raw unstructured data across the organization. Our enterprise-level data integration solutions enable the building of strong connections between large volumes of data from applications, databases and any other data sources, and ensure that the accurate data flows to the data warehouse at the right time and in the right form.

  • Application-to-application data exchange
  • Capabilities of Big Data integration
  • Flexible data integration management structure
  • Real-time and batch data integration and document exchange
  • Secure data transfer and fault tolerance

Data Warehousing

Bruma Soft encompass the full cycle of data warehousing development services, to bring together all the corporate data into a centralized repository, opening up a completely integrated, all-round view of the enterprise. Powered by industry-leading data warehouse database management systems from Oracle and Microsoft, our solutions allow you to establish a reliable, scalable yet cost-effective data warehousing foundation that will support your company’s information needs and provide enhanced business intelligence for better strategic planning.

  • Real-time data integration
  • Secure access to all the enterprise data
  • Integrated data quality engines
  • Singly query and reporting tool

Data Mining

Bruma Soft professionals provide advanced software solutions for data mining and predictive analytics designed to help our customers dive deeper into an enterprise’s data and facilitate intelligence-driven decision making. From description and clustering to forecasting probabilities and market trends and generating final reports, our full-featured systems embrace the whole data mining process, enabling your company to discover the opportunities of business growth and development, as well as potential areas of risk.

  • Effective tools for data preparation and analysis
  • Automatic batch processing
  • Advanced forecast modeling tools
  • Descriptive modeling capability
  • Detailed reports generation

Data Visualization

Bruma Soft business intelligence solutions provide a quick and easy way of organizing and visualizing your company’s data intuitively. Through their outstanding user interface, our data visualization tools allow the incorporation of professional-looking executive, operational and performance dashboards, scorecards and other visualizations into your business intelligence strategy. This creates highly informative visual analysis, allowing the exploration of data in real time and the sharing of actionable insights within your team.

  • Custom executive dashboards (reports, charts, diagrams, tables)
  • Visual tools for creation of queries and complex filters
  • Capability of map-based spatial analysis
  • Powerful tools for dynamic and historical trends analysis
  • Built-in statistical tools
  • Creation of ready-made materials
  • Deep understanding of data and the possibilities of its intelligent use

Bi Portal / Collaboration Workspace

Being the premier access interface for data warehousing and business intelligence applications, BI portals provide users with the ability to design and use dashboards, reports and visualizations securely, putting information at the fingertips of a decision maker on time. With unmatched experience in building corporate BI and data mining software, the Bruma Soft team is supremely competent in the development of comprehensive Business Intelligence portals. Our BI portal solution is a complex collaboration and knowledge sharing web tool designed for business intelligence professionals and anyone else related to working with data, bringing them limitless BI workspace.

  • Full range of BI capabilities: query and reporting, analysis, scenario modeling, real-time monitoring, dashboards, scorecards and many more
  • Secure self-service access to the information
  • The facility of easy portal versioning and customization for departments, suppliers, partners, etc.
  • Easy collaboration around data
  • Comments and discussion boards
  • Compilation and sharing of online presentations

Performance Monitoring

At Bruma Soft we have accumulated vast experience in business intelligence system’s performance monitoring and tuning, helping enterprises to effectively maintain the health of their BI software. Our services cover every critical monitoring area, starting from analyzing requirements to debugging application components and controlling response times for queries and reports. Available 24×7, our highly skilled experts carry out in depth monitoring of clients’ BI environment to reduce any vulnerability of database servers and ensure optimal system performance.

  • Support of a variety of ready-made dashboards, scorecards, and reports and multiple pre-built metrics for common industries
  • Special tools to create and receive alerts and notifications
  • Ability to manage both performance and risks