Assists communication service providers in bringing a friendly and personalized
experience to their customers through reliable,
dynamic and easy-to-use personal areas, specialized mobile apps

Mobile Account Management

We leverage our expertise in mobile self-service software development to assist communication service providers in bringing a friendly and personalized experience to their customers through reliable, dynamic and easy-to-use personal areas, specialized mobile apps and many other self-care solutions. Comprising intuitive interfaces and multiple functional capabilities, our applications provide mobile network users with a quick way of executing and managing an array of transactions in real-time.

  • Balance management (full itemized bills, planning and forecasting of expenditures etc.)
  • Payments of other accounts
  • Secure automatic payments set up
  • Custom alerts and notifications
  • Detailed account history
  • 24/7 customer support

Payment Services

With our profound understanding of the specifics, infrastructure and inner processes and systems of the payment domain, we provide all-round software services that range from business analysis and technology consulting to continuous support and solution maintenance. Whether providing a powerful web-based payment platform or a handy mobile banking app, IWD systems are the key to effective and secure management of online banking operations and transactions.

  • Multiple payment options
  • Advanced protection from unauthorized access
  • Capability of transferring funds between accounts
  • Payment history and pending transactions display
  • Future payments scheduling
  • ATMs and branch search via built-in geolocation services
  • Integration with SMS gateways

Online Ordering

IWD knows the importance of fast and convenient online ordering services. We design comprehensive applications for food delivery and takeout service providers, online retailers and e-commerce merchants that ensure their clients have a superior online ordering experience. Complemented by beautiful designs and smart navigation, our ordering solutions give customers a pool of useful functionality allowing them to make and receive their orders with ease.

  • Advanced order processing and management
  • Secure customer data storage
  • Detailed statistics on customers’ activity
  • Interactive catalogues and reach content management tools
  • Integration with multiple third-party systems (point-of-sales, web services, kiosks, messaging systems, payment gateways, geo-location services etc.)

Booking Services

We have created dozens of end-to-end booking applications for a range of businesses including hotels and restaurants, car rental and ticketing service providers and many others. Powerful search engines, 24/7 availability and plenty of useful in-built features make our software solutions the perfect tool for clear, flexible and risk-free booking.

  • Cross-functional booking engines
  • Secure payment gateways
  • Easy reminders and alerts setup
  • Voucher/coupon/group buying modules
  • Integration with social media and geolocation services
  • Detailed statistics on customer’s activity


IWD helps users in maintaining their own physical, emotional and social wellbeing via well thought out self-monitoring applications. Personal health records, food logs and diaries, workout guides, healthy lifestyle tips, as well as financial monitoring apps, we’ve got it covered, opening up new opportunities for increasing people’s self-awareness and changing their thought patterns and behaviors for the better.

  • A variety of useful tools for self-tracking
  • Advanced information management
  • Intuitive and good looking interfaces
  • Wide customization options
  • Smooth integration with third-party systems and devices