Our applications unite the best in-store, online, and mobile practices to
empower retailers to personalize the shopping experience

Customer-oriented retail


Clienteling automates best practices for customer engagement and retention and brings a whole new level of personalization to the shopping experience. Bruma Soft apps provide a sales force with an array of marketing, analytics and selling tools to improve one-on-one interaction between clients and store associates, boost store traffic and build true customer loyalty.

  • Personalized customer data
  • Effective upselling and cross-selling
  • Staff training and management
  • Targeted and relevant customer engagement and outreach

Our CRM solutions assist retailers in collecting information coming from POS, e-commerce and other sources, so that to create sophisticated loyalty programs and highly targeted campaigns. With the effective tools needed to gather, process and analyze customer data, our systems empower retailers to grow mutually beneficial relationships with their customers.

  • Actionable customer intelligence
  • Enhanced customer loyalty
  • Lead and opportunity management
  • Social CRM

In-store Operations


Web-based POS provides hardware independence, allowing fast deployment at minimum costs for any device, from smartphones to info-kiosks and specialized terminals. We create robust POS applications that enable both high performance transaction processing and effective customer management.

  • High-performant transaction processing
  • Customer management
  • Multiple payment types
  • Offline ticketing
  • Flexible receipt options


Through our team management solutions retailers can align, engage and motivate their employees to achieve enterprise objectives. Powerful functionality and intuitive interfaces make it possible to manage staff targets, schedules and rewards easily from a single location, optimizing workforce and increasing employee satisfaction.

  • Employee directories and profiles
  • Task planning and scheduling
  • Time and attendance tracking
  • Incentive and commission management


We introduce more flexibility and speed to the transactions involved with electronic payments, enhancing their accuracy and eliminating errors. Our architecture allows the management of payment processing by seamlessly integrating POS systems, card management, Internet and mobile payments within your retail network.

  •  Support of major payment types (credit cards, e-wallets,
    mobile payments, NFC etc.)
  • Smooth and secure transaction processing
  • Online billing and invoicing
  • Fraud detection and risk management features

Forecasting and inventory management


A range of capabilities critical to effective store, product and merchandising management are implemented within Bruma Soft merchandising solutions. Our systems allow the management of category hierarchy, identify excess inventory and lost sales and present customers with the goods that are of the most relevance to them.

  • Real-time inventory tracking
  • Extensive product performance analysis and reporting
  • Out-of-stock detection
  • Merchandising planning based on demand-driven forecasts
  • Price optimization


Our custom systems incorporate advanced forecasting and optimization techniques for demand-driven inventory replenishment. Bruma Soft systems capture and maintain stock-outs and overstock, create economically sound replenishment strategies and keep just the right amount of inventory on hand.

  • Effective store-level inventory management
  • Calculation of economic order quantity (EOQ)
  • Warehouse, distribution and fulfillment center replenishment
  • Automatic generation of purchase orders


Warehousing and distribution solutions from Bruma Soft utilize innovative algorithms to line up warehouse operations to their most efficient, and convert your warehouse processes into a strategic part of your supply chain.

  • Warehouse process automation
  • Detailed purchase and distribution records
  • Flow-through distribution and cross-docking
  • Complete order fulfillment
  • Integration with retail identification systems (barcoding, QR-coding etc.)


We integrate cutting-edge ERP and accounting systems like Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Intuit QuickBooks and Xero into retail infrastructure and customize existing financial solutions to deliver insight into your business’s financial performance and facilitate better strategic planning.

  • In-depth insight into your financial processes
  • Customized as per your unique requirements
  • Smooth integration with existing retail infrastructure
  • Full regulatory compliance

Bruma Soft applications for assortment planning and purchasing help to analyze, plan and execute your assortments in tune with customer demand, purchase preferences, space capacity, product attributes and other critical criteria.

  • Predictive analytics and forecasting
  • Strategic planning
  • Store clustering
  • Category management
  • Purchase orders and pre-allocation

Reporting and Analytics


Our data mining systems gain immediate insights and pinpoint new opportunities for enhancing operational efficiency. Integrating and analyzing scattered data from POS, supply chain, inventory and other systems, Bruma Soft solutions identify key metrics and trends to make critical data accessible for our clients.

  • Complete view of your data
  • Aggregation from multiple data sources
  • Advanced predictive analytics and modelling
  • KPI monitoring


We have built a plethora of solutions full of interactive graphical and reporting tools that allow the exploration of data visually. Those include real-time dashboards, scorecards and custom-built reports that help to understand retail processes better and make analytics-driven decisions with a higher level of confidence.

  • Rich visualizations (dashboards, scorecards, heat maps, charts etc.)
  • Pre-built and configurable dashboards
  • Personalized data visualization
  • Extensive custom reporting capabilities


Ecommerce techniques help retailers to gain a higher market reach, reduce costs and discover endless opportunities for customer engagement and support. Bruma Soft team develops professional end-to-end web solutions that vary from mobile commerce to interactive showrooms, web stores and marketplaces, providing seamless integration between ecommerce applications, existing in-store practices and back-office processes.