Enterprise Applications

Enterprise application and portal development

Core ITS solutions for enterprises involve a vast range of scalable, secure and functionally rich tools; from tailored web applications, united in well-structured corporate portals and systems, to the design and implementation of new people-centric processes. All this empowered with the talent and expertise of our consultants and engineers aims to make the existing business infrastructure more convenient and valuable for our clients, their employees and their end customers.

Enterprise application integration

The productivity of a company’s automation very much depends on the integrity of its IT environment and the products and solutions implemented in it. To secure the best results, Core ITS works on the organization’s infrastructure design at multiple levels.

High-performance middleware

The solid technical experience of Core ITS software engineers and their deep understanding of the best architectural practices helps them to develop robust integration and communication layers for secure and efficient data interchange within enterprise-level IT infrastructures. It opens your business for new users, functions and services, widens accessibility for new devices and makes internal processes more transparent. The variety of technological solutions and implementation options also allows our clients to find the right balance between reasonable development costs and optimal system flexibility.

Software reengineering and optimization

Besides the development of new corporate systems, Core ITS assists its clients with existing software that requires functional enhancements, a presentational upgrade or technological optimization. We offer a complex audit of the solutions your organization uses, along with potential subsequent updates or even full-fledged re-engineering. A diverse technological skillset and hundreds of man-years of cumulative team expertise in legacy systems renovation, allow our senior architects and consultants to compile efficient migration and porting schemes that get more for our clients from their existing software.

Mobile solutions for enterprise application

The ever growing role of mobile devices opens new opportunities for business applications. Be it an innovative service for your mobile users or a way to facilitate current system accessibility – Core ITS engineers are ready to share their expertise. Typical Core ITS mobilization strategies for enterprise-level systems include:

  • Making existing systems available for mobile devices (Usually, it involves development of a separate integration layer or, sometimes, mobile porting.)
  • Building new mobile-enabled corporate solutions. (This approach includes responsive design implementation, native or hybrid mobile clients.)